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Wear pearl jewelry show mature temperament

In Holland's painter Vermeer's famous painting "the girl with Pearl Earrings", the girl's review is fascinating. In the real world, girls are also interested in Pearl jewelry. Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, former U.S. Secretary of state Rice and Hilllary Clinton, founder of the brand Chanel Coco Chanel and other famous women are pearl pursued, it can be said that pearl has gradually become mature charm of female symbol.

A jewel of great vitality

On Mrs. Thatcher's biographical film "Iron Lady", when the staff to run for prime minister Thatcher to give up the pearl necklace, she said such a classic line: "I can give up my hat, but this pearl necklace is my husband in our child birth gave me a gift, no what good talk."

People who know some common sense know that pearls are an organic gemstone found in mollusks of pearl, shellfish, and shellfish. The vice president Wu Zili think of pearl jewelry, is "the pain began, after years, the perfect show", is a typical process, and the pearl is indeed produced by a * * life gem. These characteristics constitute the Pearl's unique personality, language, perfection and vitality. Therefore, some mature women love pearls, pearls, but also to foil their other feelings.

Ruan Pearl brand director Li Ran explained, "Pearl gives a person's feeling unlike other gems, or enchanting, or bright, its temperament is wisdom, warm.". The beauty of a pearl is like that of a mature woman. It is precipitated and honed. It is not in the outward appearance, but in the heart. Perhaps it is for this reason that pearls are so popular with so many successful women.

Wu Zili told reporters, on Mother's day or women's day, young people will buy pearl jewelry as a gift, while in some countries, pearls will be as "adult gift" gift from parents to their daughter. Pearl is to women, it represents maturity, perfection and life extension.

The inheritance and regression of pearl culture

Pearl culture has a long history, is one of the early human wear jewelry, in the history of Chinese civilization for 5000 years, there are pearl recorded history more than 4000 years. According to historical records, from the Qin Dynasty, pearl has become high officials and noble lords luxury, even gradually become a symbol of feudal society ruler image. In ancient times, pearls were not what the people could have. In modern society, pearls have long flown into the homes of ordinary people".

According to Wu Zili introduction, pearls are mainly divided into freshwater pearls and sea water pearls in two major categories, sea water pearls are divided into deep sea pearls (Nanyang pearls) and shallow sea pearls (Akoya pearls). China is a major producer of freshwater pearls, pearl and mainly produced from Tahiti, Australia, Philippines and other places, mainly in shallow water pearls from japan. Li Ran said that although China's Pearl output is large, but the market has not reached the appropriate level. Wu Zili believes that this is mainly related to China's pearl culture, but with the reform and opening up, the domestic market has begun to change. According to the introduction to the Hongqiao based sales pearl market, before the visit of the consumer market mainly to foreigners, but in recent years, Chinese gradually recognized the pearl jewelry market in China consumers increased.

It is understood that China's freshwater pearl farming in a position of * * *. But Li Ran said, at present, China's Pearl exports are still semi-finished rough processing mainly, and Pearl brand is not prominent, high-grade pearl jewelry cultural promotion is still relatively lacking. But Wu Zili is optimistic, he believes that the current consumer awareness of Chinese pearl is more and more high, enterprises have already begun to brand awareness, which are helpful to the cultivation and development of China Pearl market.

Timeless classics and mashup innovations

Although there is no pearl diamond gem as gorgeous, but an elegant style. From the classic single ring, double ring, to the diamond "marriage", and gem blending, pearl jewelry design with the times, always walking in front of fashion.

"Bead chain" is the perfect traditional expression of Pearl *." Wu Zili told reporters, will gloss, finish, size, shape, color matching a single pearl string together, is * classic style, and on this basis, derived from a single ring, double ring, a chain of rice and other styles. In many photos or videos, Thatcher and Hilllary Clinton, coco Chanel and other successful women can be seen wearing a single ring or double ring bead chain figure.

With the development of society, the progress of the times, pearl gold style began to appear. According to Wu Zili introduction, through the chain is one of the more simple and classic design. Then, again design pearl gold diamond earrings, pendants, rings, brooches, etc. are mainly stone inlaid with pearls. Later, the Pearl began to combine with a variety of colored stones. Li Ran believes that now designers have begun to design pearls as jewelry, I hope to create a complete works, different.

Shopping Tips

Determine the true pearl has the following kinds of methods: friction law, the upcoming two Pearl rub-a-dub-dub, genuine pearl astringent feeling, or even a white powder; tooth grinding method, namely teeth nibble pearls, pearl really will have rustling feeling; fire with fire, the surface of the Pearl, pearl will bounce false color; method that single pearls bouncing on the glass plate, it will bounce higher than sham Pearl pearl.

Good pearl identification