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Crystal jewelry loved by consumers, shopping should pay attention to what?

Crystal is a quartz crystal, with rich and colorful colors, such as red, blue, yellow, green, purple, like modern people's Chaoyang gas and flirtatious state, with its price by the majority of amiable and easy of approach of young consumers, as they work and live in the main wear products. So, how many people know what to pay attention to when choosing crystal ornaments?

First of all, well chosen crystal products, we should not see stars, spots, clouds and flocculent distribution of gas liquid package. A pure, smooth texture, crystal clear as well, if it is found that the fracture lines and spots with shades, is defective.

Secondly, the quality of polishing directly affects the value of crystal products. Crystal in the processing process, must pass the emery sand pondering, rough production will make the surface of the crystal there is traces of friction. Good transparency, gloss natural crystal products are good, according to the jargon is "enough fire".

Again, for the augmented wear crystal products (such as necklaces, bracelets, beads), to see the hole is straight, the thickness of the hole is symmetrical, there is no small cracks. The hole walls must be clear and transparent with no white mark".

After the purchase of crystal jewelry, try to wear it, look at its size, elastic, length. Such as inlaid ornaments, to see whether the firm, Zhou Zheng and coordination of unity. Attention should also be paid to crystal jewelry styles, colors, and their own body, color, face and clothing coordination.

Crystal ornaments glittering and translucent, the color is gratifying, deep love more than, in the purchase before, must have the corresponding understanding, as far as possible the purchase risk dropped to * low.