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Pearl ornaments become more vivid in color

Pearl is a kind of spiritual gems, unlike her diamond Xuanmu luster, it is soft, embodies the subtle elegance of temperament, inspiration is often derived from natural, a perfect pearl jewelry jewelry designer is going to spend a lot of ingenuity, and not too many traces of polish.

About fashion trends

Although the traditional round marks of Pearl has been the mainstream, more noble, introverted, suitable for the pursuit of traditional preference delicate and elegant mature women. But the fashion world always like to change personality, water drop shape soft, tooth bead publicity. Recently, very popular shaped pearls with semi precious stones jewelry design collocation, such as combination with crystal, agate, chalcedony, rich colors, so you can quickly adapt to different occasions and clothing color. Shaped beads each has its own temperament, various shapes, colors, more suitable for different occasions, different groups of personalized needs.

In the pearl jewelry design in the future, there will be new material added, such as various metal, wood and bamboo, these can be put off with pearl * recover the original simplicity temperament.

About color trends

White and light pink pearls have always been the main characters. Of course, this has a lot to do with the output, but also because of the pearl luster of these two colors is very good. In addition to the conventional requirements, the demand for gold, Nanyang pearl increased significantly. The golden Indian ocean pearl is very popular in places such as East and South Asia, which is represented by Japan. It is called "APRICOT" (apricot) in english. And the design began to break the rule, the gold and light colored pearl for matching, jewelry style in the international market is very popular.

The Black Pearl also began to flow back, and it also began to pop up in a staggered array of light colored pearls, which added some clever feeling to the mystery of the black pearl, not dull.

The silver beads, it may not look very bright, but the silver pearl collection is extremely difficult, especially a necklace shape, size and shiny uniform, with black or pink clothing is called echo, classical collocation. Unfortunately, the silver pearl is so rare that it hinders its popularity.

In a word, besides the traditional pop culture, pearls change more vivid in color. The famous opera actor Lilian Nordica wife owns a 28 different colors of pearls, well-proportioned, with elegant amorous feelings.