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At the end of the year, gold jewelry sales hot gold sales trough

By the end of the year, reporters recently visited the shopping malls, gold stores to see, there are gold buyers everywhere figure, gold jewelry sales increased considerably.

* there are quite a few people buying gold ornaments at one stage, but the main ones are gold jewelry. There are few gold bars. On the one hand, gold jewelry prices are relatively low, and then gold bars are investment products, people's expectations of gold prices continue to decline." South Street, a shop clerk said, since last April and May, in recent days the market is * *.

In addition, a gold shop in the Harbour Road, a lot of gold jewelry is engaged in promotional activities.

In the state-owned commercial banks in a South Street, responsible for gold gold sales department staff told reporters that at the end of the year when the bullion sales reached a 120 month high * kilograms to 80 kilograms, but even if the good can this year.