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Color jewelry to make your winter image more

In the dreary winter, how to wear more colorful clothes? If you don't want to wear colorful clothes, choose a suitable color jewelry for you. A long sweater chain, a chic brooch, or a jump in the ear of these earrings, low-key but smart embellishment, * * is you to create a more "winter image artifact".


Many are MM that brooch is "older" and "old fashioned" patent, in fact. A decent dress, with color, shape and dress with a brooch, often give people a "touch" of fashion beauty, also can show the charm of women very pretty and charming.

On the market today, all kinds of brooches, Gexianshentong interpretation of fashion. Pearls, metal, fluff, wood, cartoons, animal shapes...... Whether you're a career elite or a girl next door, you can always find the right one. The actress who led by Oscar on the new brooch has been widely played, thick hair, high fork, fork dress skirt, scarves, hats, bags, one, two, a cluster of...... If you think the brooch is on your chest, you're the real OUT!

Sweater chain, pendant

Close to the skin to wear all kinds of necklace, with the arrival of the winter, temporarily relegated to the background, how to make yourself in the popular "sweater population" stand out? In fact, a proper sweater chain is your weapon of victory. At the same time, large color pendant is also your overall image instantly upgrade magic weapon.

Great ship powder exudes gentle and attractive pink light, allegedly can provoke love, promote popularity, make people around their favorite, so for the office of harmony and connections have effect oh.

The mysterious power of the ages, the enduring feelings of amber, is the distinctive soul of amber. Amber in the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, there is the function of calm the nerves and gas, and can be sterilized and avoid infectious diseases.


The workplace make you exquisite capable, let you on the street smart lively banquet, let you elegant, let you on the stage the sparkling stars -- earrings is so magical, small stature, but can you improvise freely with.

The beauty of the golden Amethyst Earrings, a purple jump can make you instantly charming. It is said that Amethyst also has the functions of promoting popularity, protecting love, enhancing confidence and developing wisdom. Earrings, earrings shape to beautify the role image of the myriads of changes since Needless to say, wearing earrings also helps to stimulate the lobe of the middle point, has a positive effect on visual acuity and eye protection, may wish to pick Earrings by the way do earlobe massage, make healthy beauty by bloom.