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High-end jade jewelry bullish sentiment is still spreading in the industry

"A few months ago, about one hundred thousand yuan to buy a bracelet, and now someone out of three times the price of the acquisition."." As a senior jade player, in a business unit Xiao Huang felt "do not understand" the price trend. Some of her friends also received phone calls from sellers who wanted to recycle the high-end emeralds they sold last year or even higher. Although more than a year to stop trading in Burma will resume in June 15th, but the high-end jade jewelry bullish sentiment is still spreading in the industry.

Burma is the main origin of jade stone *, consumption and processing of jade in China mainly concentrated in Guangdong Province, Jieyang, Sihui peace island. For the control of stone exports, the government of Burma by public offer trading form of jade wool, a year earlier will open two times or three times the plate, but because of the domestic instability, since last March has stopped the public trading. After repeated delays, this year is scheduled to open from June 15th to June 27th, including public trading.

For the public dish, jade traders have been looking forward to it. In June 14th, 6 charter flights will take off from Chaoshan airport in Guangdong, and more than a thousand Jieyang merchants will be sent directly to Burma, Naypyidaw. "I heard that Guangzhou also has a" jade merchant "package, three aircraft to participate." There are jade traders revealed that Jieyang, Ping Chau, Guangzhou, Yunnan, Guangxi, and even Hongkong and other places have jade business together.

Jade business involved in the jade board business, each person must pay 50 thousand euros margin, a large amount of money, practitioners of insufficient strength, although not "war", but are anxiously waiting. * we're slowing down, and we want to wait until after the show." Xiao Zeng, who is engaged in the jade processing industry in the Sihui area, explained the idea to the guest when he recommended the stock to the guest: "if the price of the after hour material continues to rise, it is clear that the shipment is now fast.". In the vicinity of Sihui several large wholesale market, some wool polishing shop in a deserted house, said they were * in recent weeks not what business, mainly is the lack of material, so that the previous customer in a semi shutdown state.

On the one hand is worried about rising prices, slow down the speed of delivery; on the other hand, but also because of lack of material, resulting in "flour expensive bread" and difficult to ship. In the north to open an entity shop jade dealer Lao Wang said, green egg surface price compared to last year has doubled, whether buy a house or buy gold, buy green eggs as fast as possible.

This price effect, so that a large number of hot money again into the emerald market. "The price has gone back to history."." Ping Chau jewelry Jade Association President Liang Huanglin revealed that this year, Ping Chau jade market sales rose more than 10%, the price increased by at least 15%. In addition to early speculation high pure white ice and glass, and other varieties of various grades of jade stone sold back to historic highs.

Jade jewelry company Dong Jin Yu's share price is also in line with jade price trends. Since last December, the company's share price has risen by more than 30%. In June 13th, the Shanghai Composite Index fell 62.54 points, while the Eastern Jin Yu went back to the red market.

"Not many stones were taken from the public offering, but many went."." Guangdong Jieyang jewelry and jade chamber of Commerce Secretary General Yuan Qinyong said, "many Jade Manufacturers judge the public plate after opening, the price may be higher.". "The price of finished goods has risen by at least 30% since the Spring Festival," a Jieyang jade trader said, which in turn would lead to "price taking" behavior in public trading. They have their own judgment logic, first of all, the emerald mineral resources are depleted, the population increase in consumption and investment; secondly, labor costs continued to rise in the processing chain; again, a lot of money into the market, there is speculation factors.