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The future of domestic jewelry market prospect is very broad

With the continuous improvement of people's living environment, from the beginning of the residence to gradually change into a comfortable and clean living environment, home life gradually toward the refinement, quality. More home accessories to enter the home of ordinary people.

Pu Pu consulting building materials industry analysts pointed out: at present, the domestic household jewelry industry presents polarization situation. Or home jewelry products sophisticated, design trends, but high prices; or take the popular route, low prices, but the style is messy, quality is difficult to protect the general jewelry. China's jewelry in the production area Home Furnishing is mainly divided into three categories: one is the Pearl River Delta production base mainly in Guangdong, Home Furnishing jewelry products are mainly exported to sample processing, there are special products tailored for furniture manufacturers; second products are mainly concentrated in Fujian, Zhejiang to this, some manufacturers of the products most of the export products; * is in the form of small and scattered handicraft factory, with regional and national characteristics.

China's home decoration industry started relatively late, which is mainly subject to China's economic development level and consumer attitudes. China's home accessories industry is relatively slow, and the annual sales volume can reach 200 billion yuan, but mainly due to export factors. With artificial coastal costs in China and other countries to catch up growth, China has many advantages do not exist, especially in recent years by China's financial crisis baptism, began to seize the domestic transformation, but the domestic market to open up channels, the creation of the brand, adjust the product structure...... There are too many problems.

According to general inquiry issued by the "2010-2012 years Chinese home accessories market depth survey and analysis report" shows: Although our home accessories industry there are such and such problems. But with the changes in the concept of consumer home accessories, more and more attention will be paid to the consumption of household ornaments. The cost of the main soft decoration accounts for more than 15% of the total final accounts of the decoration projects, and the potential for the development of household ornaments is greater. And many accessories brand also gradually to high-end, characteristic, variety, development. Home accessories from simple decoration has become a consumer pursuit of quality of life and advocating personality of the new way, consumers will pay more attention to the comfort and aesthetic value of the room. In the future, domestic jewelry market prospect is very broad.