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Method for selecting crystal ornaments

In the choice of crystal jewelry, be careful to see, please see the following introduction.

Look at the choice of materials: excellent selection of crystal products. There should be no gas-liquid inclusions in the star, cloud, or flocculent distribution. A pure, smooth texture, crystal clear as well, if the fault lines, spots with shades of inkstone hair, is defective.

How to make fried gold free expert to guide the Bank of gold and silver TD bank account guide gold silver trading simulation software set gold desktop quotes tools work: machining process of crystal products are divided into two types, namely grinding and carving. Such as crystal necklace, bracelet. Earrings and grind materials; Yan, audio-visual painted snuff bottles belong to the sculpture. A well made crystal product should be exquisite and exquisite, not only can fully display the external beauty of the crystal products (shape, style, symmetry, etc.), but also be able to dig its intrinsic beauty "glittering and translucent" and "artful".

Look at polishing: the quality of polishing directly affects the value of crystal products. Crystal in the processing process must pass through the emery sand pondering, rough production will make the crystal surface there is traces of friction. Good crystal products will have a good transparency, Xianze, according to the jargon is called "head foot".

Look at the holes for the augmented wear crystal products (such as necklaces, bracelets, beads), to see whether the hole should be flat, the thickness of the hole is symmetrical, there is no small cracks. The hole must be clearly measured without any white mark".

Look at the color: even in the same kind of crystal, its different parts of the tomb, color, style, there are thousands of. Belong to monochromatic, want chroma to be even, on the same piece of crystal has depth, ask its color embellish, the line is beautiful and generous.

Look at the coordination: when buying crystal jewelry, try to wear it and look at its size. Length and length. Such as inlaid ornaments, to see whether the prison is difficult, Zhou Zheng and coordination of unity. It should also be noted that the style, color and style of the crystal ornaments are in harmony with their figure, skin color, face shape and clothing.