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Fashion jewelry industry how to "tall"?"

Fashion jewelry industry in the domestic market has been developed for nearly thirty years, compared with the same fashion industry, the fashion market, fashion jewelry market development unsatisfactory. At present, the domestic garment industry, especially the development of women's clothing industry, are synchronized with the international market, in the jewelry industry, brand recognition, and focus on the imitation of the low-end products, all kinds of quality problems for consumers. Brand consumption era has come, and diversified demand surge, how can we seize the market opportunities, become fashion jewelry industry "tall", worthy of deep thinking of the industry.

Product: consumer demand differentiation, brands continue to follow the trend

Since the beginning of this century, low-priced jewelry stores have developed rapidly, bringing a bright rainbow, jewelry store new products are chasing girls. Small jewelry store investment is very small, the target consumer group positioning is clear, to flourish, becoming a hot spot of investment. With a small jewelry store more and more, and the target consumer group total unchanged, coupled with recent years network greatly impact sales, market competition becomes more brutal, the goods are all the same, cheap jewelry variety, can not form a difference, and ultimately be eliminated. With the pursuit of profit of new entrants increased, the market tends to saturation, quickly enter the fight at outrance struggle for survival, profit is far less than the naive phase, even without profit.

Look at the consumer market, originally those wandering in the shop "little girls" have grown up, some of them are successful, some overseas come back, still chasing fashion favorite jewelry they lack, lack of sense of design, material, single brand is not mature, all kinds of problems exposed in front of the mature consumer groups let them have, "love does not feel tired". In consumer demand differentiation today, enhance consumer purchasing power, aesthetic ability and the international community, needs become more diversified, and the domestic jewelry market development is extremely slow, most producers still low-end market struggling, the emergence of a market and consumption fault.

Operations: no design, lack of publicity, brand added value is ignored

In this year's Milan fashion show, with designer Karl Lage Fei (Karl Lagerfeld) based on the Fendi (Fendi) Karlito doll pendant, not only adorable sense, as Fendi (Fendi) in autumn and winter of this year a "fishing gold weapon", only a small pendant is sold to 1240 euros price. We have to admire the high added value of Fendi brand. If the product for a domestic brand production, retail prices may not exceed one percent, or even 1/1000. At present, the domestic jewelry market to do the most is imitation follow the trend, when an international big name out of a jewelry, overnight there will be tens of millions of factories in China plagiarism. When will we have our mature brand, which requires the joint efforts of enterprises?. First, as an independent brand, unique design style is a necessary condition, the quarterly series should be echoing with the design style, rather than simply imitate the season style; secondly, moderate brand publicity is the only way which must be passed creating mature brand, enhance the visibility, is the premise of good sales. Only in this way, many years of accumulation can make a brand deeply rooted, mention this brand, consumers spontaneously yearning, hope to have, this is the real brand can have the highest value.

Channels: the advent of the retail era, space changes into a trend

Domestic jewelry market is undergoing tremendous changes, the original production - Wholesale - Retail single traditional operating channels were affected, brand outlets become the main force in the future market. When the retail era really arrives, consumers become the center of the whole link, retail space changes will become the dominant trend. Once upon a time to be more products to show to consumers, and now the retail space, more is to shape the brand image, every product has become a part of the store image, innovation to create a whole atmosphere, rather than as a product for sale single simply are arranged. In the choice of channels, we need to strive for excellence, and the high quality "super" and "innovative" mode of wholesale market will be the opportunity and explosive point of the development of the brand.