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State silver jewelry industry has developed rapidly, and the concentration of franchise industry has been rising

Not long ago, in the 2014 session of the Thirteenth Annual Meeting of the international Chinese Baiyin, vice president of Chinese jewelry industry association and Deputy Secretary General Mr. Shi pointed out that in recent years, the rapid development of China's jewelry industry, the prospects are very bright, but also some problems and challenges.

Chinese silver jewelry industry is an important part of China's jewelry industry, and also one of the most important forces in the world silver market. The consumption of silver jewelry in China has always played an important role in the total demand of the manufacturing industry. In recent years, with the overall growth rate of silver consumption in China more than the growth of industrial application demand, the demand for silver field in the overall demand of the manufacturing industry has risen further. Since 2006, the amount of silver used for jewelry and silverware in China surpassed Thailand, Italy and India for the first time, and now ranks first in the world with Yin Daguo. According to statistics, China's silver jewelry brand gold jewelry demand and demand, more than 20 years has shown a steady growth trend, China's jewelry and silverware with silver content of more than 2260 tons, terminal sales of nearly 20 billion yuan.

But this year, affected by the macroeconomic situation is not high and some specific policies, China's silver consumption has a substantial decline over the same period last year, is expected in the second half of China's jewelry consumption will rise, but the annual consumption of silver silver down has become a fixed office. As a whole, China's silver processing industry and its market mainly have the following characteristics: the phenomenon of processing clusters is obvious. China has become one of the world's important jewelry processing base, employing up to tens of thousands of people, due to historical reasons and the demonstration effect, China's silver processing showing cluster phenomenon, several areas are mainly concentrated in Guangdong and two in Fujian province. Silver processing in these two provinces accounted for more than 90% of the national processing capacity. Among them, Shenzhen is China's largest silver processing and wholesale center, its silver processing more than half of the country. Overall, in our country the silver processing field, the number of family workshops enterprises occupy a large proportion, the number of large-scale enterprises is very small, most of the processing enterprises are to accept other people's orders, processing production for other wholesale or retail business, does not have its own brand terminal.

Design, processing level and fashion brand jewelry construction continue to progress. Driven by the market competition, after years of development, China's silver design and processing level has also made considerable progress. Increase the number of silver invested enterprises, to create excellent brand, pay attention to the construction of brand culture, terminal channel expansion and development, the improvement of design and technology, has established its own research and development, professional design team. Such as Shenzhen fashion jewelry store, Jane dream jewelry in the reference model, templates are guaranteed product size, proportion, precision. Industry concentration gradually improved. In the market tide honed, China's silver industry emerged in Shenzhen Shun Tak border, Henan dream auspicious and other outstanding enterprises. With the increasingly fierce competition, the market rules of survival of the fittest began to play a role in the silver industry concentration gradually improved, outstanding enterprises and brand reputation return in market share, a gradual increase in the national market share. Shenzhen simpledream Jewellery Limited business category not only have scarves, hats, sunglasses, umbrellas, watches, accessories, socks, also involving silver jewelry, jewelry in the first of course dreamaker established as silver jewelry started, so in the business also has a very strong silver experience.