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Teach you six ways to maintain gold jewelry

Long wear gold color will become dumb, and in daily life due to improper maintenance, also can let the gold become shiny. So, how to maintain gold jewelry?

According to the Autonomous Institute of product quality inspection experts, gold jewelry and cosmetics to avoid together, at a time when wearing make-up should be the first to wear after a gold ring, especially high volatile substances such as perfume, hair gel and so on, they will make your gold ring lose luster.

Gold because of its high purity, low hardness, so to avoid wearing gold jewelry do heavy lifting, the weight will make gold jewelry deformation, especially the gold ring worn on the finger, doing the heavy lifting to remember to remove it.

Gold is soft, easy to deformation, when wearing gold jewelry do not pull, so as not to deformation, especially adjustable jewelry, often adjust the size of the jewelry will appear creases.

Do housework, swimming and other chemical contact, you should take off gold jewelry, so as to avoid chemical changes with its surface, resulting in gold fade.

Gold jewelry in storage, should first wrapped with flannel, and then put into the jewelry box, to avoid mutual friction damage, * good, separate storage.

After wearing gold jewelry due to stains and dust contamination will lose luster, you can put gold jewelry in neutral detergent, soak and wash with warm water, and then remove the wipe dry.