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Jewelry industry in the emerging trend of development

In today's society, entrepreneurship has become a fashionable youth Denver a trend, but how to choose a right is a not easy thing to be a way of earning money. In this twenty-first Century, as the world's first female vividly ", female consumption is more and more concern. Indeed, "serving her" has become the inevitable development of the industry. Such as jewelry industry, in order to decorate women become * welcome after an industry, also already make domestic and foreign jewelry businesses to polish the eyes of the nuggets. Therefore, understanding social trends, master jewelry, in order to allow you to start business is no longer difficult.

Jewelry is used for decoration and wear, some ornaments can have fragrance, cleaning, landscaping and so on the role of good jewelry can make in new, relaxed and happy, in the street many jewelry boutique also more and more attention to the jewelry market in home decoration, birthday gift, friends, send men and women friends all cannot do without accessories.

Jewelry industry is separated from jewelry, craft gift industry, formed a new industry. Jewelry as a new economic growth point, developed countries have gradually matured. Various grades of franchised stores and sales outlets are dotted with all kinds of styles and products at various levels to meet the growing market demand. In mainland China, the industry is still in its early stages of development. With the rapid development of society, economy and culture, people are stepping into a well-off society from the food and clothing style. Advocating human nature and fashion, and constantly shaping personality and charm, have become the pursuit of people.

Competition in all walks of life in China gradually fierce competition, jewelry industry trends are still in the primary stage of competition. There are no special brands in the industry, and no market can exceed 5%. There are very few manufacturers with nationwide networks, and it is rare for them to build their own offices and market development. The whole industry lacks the ability to do brand and marketing concepts, the lack of really talented people. With the accession of WTO, China is now facing a rare opportunity. Foreign companies are a lot of OEM way to buy their goods in China, so many jewelry industry manufacturers are basically doing export. At present, the form of domestic jewelry industry, mainly from the production area, is the four largest export base.

1, Guangdong (Dongguan, Foshan, etc.) based production base in Southern China. They are characterized by the main design style in Hongkong based, products are generally based on processing. The flow of its products, mostly through Hongkong transit to Southeast Asia, Austria, the United States and other places.

The 2 and second categories are bases based on Fujian and Zhejiang. This part of the manufacturer's products are mostly in line with foreign jewelry demand design, most of the export products. It is characterized by large-scale production and competitive advantages in price. In recent years, foreign large multinational companies in the procurement, the products of these manufacturers are listed as procurement.

The 3 and third categories are based in Qingdao. Most of these manufacturers are Korean, and their designs are generally not exposed. The products are exported directly to Korea, Japan and the United States

The 4 and fourth categories are small scale scattered factories in the form of handicrafts. Most of these products are sold in their own unique form of products with regional characteristics, ethnic characteristics and folk characteristics of decorations.

In the early 21 world, the market did not form a true sense of the jewelry industry. Jewelry was mainly accompanied by the furniture industry, gift industry, flowers, bedding scattered sales. However, after China's entry into WTO. As China's economy continues to heat up, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing and other places in consumer spending began to rise, so in the future, there are jewelry stores appear.

Large cities adorn article trend is: some foreign large multinational companies optimistic about Chinese jewelry giant market, such as the British B&Q, Sweden's IKEA and other brands in Shanghai, Beijing and other places to set up large stores. The past two years, especially this year, these large stores have launched special jewelry zone.

Small and medium-sized city jewelry consumption due to restrictions in terms of the income level, now still keep the previous sales, namely in the flower shop, a gift shop in the form of sales of jewelry, its products are generally more common accessories, product quality is low. At present the accessories present situation of polarization modes, or sophisticated products but the price is high, or go mass line, but the low price of style messy, difficult to guarantee the quality. Identify the market positioning is the key to the development of jewelry.

What is the development trend of jewelry industry? That's what entrepreneurs are concerned about right now. Or master jewelry trends, to understand the contents of various matters, and if there is any unknown or unclear place, should ask the experienced people jewelry trends. To succeed in business.